Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 PM- 6:00 PM

Each great athlete is built upon a sound foundation of fitness, balance, rhythm, technique, and basic tactics. Our Fundamentals classes are structured to provide each participant with a sense of not only fencing, but also of his or her own strengths and weaknesses and how to develop them.

Fundamentals class is 90 minutes in length and limited in size. Class is designed to be playful, creative, and challenging in order to impart good habits upon a developing athlete. A student may expect to be in foundation classes until they can demonstrate proficiency at the key skills taught to them, which can range from two months to two years.

Classes are open to students age 7 and above, though some students may be intellectually and physically mature and disciplined enough to begin at an earlier age, pending coach approval. Every effort is made to group students by age, though this is not always possible.



Tuesday 6:10-8PM; Saturday 10am - 12pm

Youth Competitive is open to students age 8-14 who are ready to compete or who are already competitive. Older students are encouraged to also take one competitive (or advanced, by invitation) class per week. This class has an emphasis on technique, sound habits, and basic tactical actions and progressions. NOTE: the Saturday class is youth only, Tuesday may include older teenagers



Tuesday and Thursday 6:10-8:00

Competitive classes are for students of any level who compete or aspire to compete in scholastic or USA Fencing-sanctioned tournaments. Age is generally 12 and above, The class is mixed level, often including high-level athletes. Every effort is made to group students with partners of their own age and level though they are also encouraged to mix with fencers of greater or less experience for certain learning experiences.

Tasks are designed to refine, sharpen, and build upon the skills and concepts taught in Fundamentals classes. The tactical side of the game is explored and explained so that dedicated participants have the knowledge and experience they need to take on other skilled athletes. Classes are two hours long and include balance, coordination, agility, footwork, technical, and tactical experiences. NOTE: Tuesday Competitive is also open to youth

Advanced students are always welcome in Competitive classes to hone their core skills and techniques, but the curriculum is specifically designed to be accessible to students who may just be getting started in competitive fencing.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:10 - 9:00 PM, Sat, 1pm-4pm

Advanced classes are two hours in length and coach approval is required to participate. Advanced students will have had considerable competitive experience and attend national and regional competitions regularly. Age is generally 12 and above.

An advanced athlete needs to learn to disguise one’s intent while simultaneously determining the hidden intent of the opponent. The athlete must not only recognize an opportunity, but also often create it. Finally, the athlete must execute the touch with precision and clarity so that a referee may award it correctly.

Tactics and strategy are explored in depth. Video analysis of bouts and practices is common, and students will be challenged physically and mentally to push to new frontiers of growth and achievement. A certain technical proficiency and experience level is required to have a truly successful experience in Advanced classes, and that is why a coach must approve participation.